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trapped - Love and Romance

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Ok, here it goes. I met a woman that is 16 years older than me. But we didn't let that stop us. We became friends and lovers. That is until she stopped wanting me. She says she is very much in love with me, but something inside me shut down after her not touching me for 7 years. Yes, 7 years. I remained faithful. I loved her. Well, at my bar I met this woman. I was drawn to her in a way i couldn't help myself. Well, this woman and i started talking on the phone late at night while everyone was sleeping. This went on for about two months. Finally we agreed to met at a hotel. It was an incredible night. Finally I got up the nerve to tell my partner of 11 years that I wasn't in love with her any longer. I told her she will always be my best friend, but I could live the way she wanted. to be blunt, I am a very sexual person and I needed to feel the touch of a woman. Her response was go have sex with others but come back to me....What the hell? The woman I am having sex with has moved into my house with my ex. My ex has no idea that my lover lives with us. I am in over my head here. I don't want to hurt my ex because we just went through losing our business and our home. I screwed I know. How it got this far????? What to do here????

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