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Friends With Benefits? - Love and Romance


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So chillin with some girls of mines at breakfast and the topic of sex buddies or friends with benefits came up in the convo. For the first time i could not really answer the question cuz i honestly never thought about my actions when it comes to "quenching my thirst"!
I was like man i never even acknowledge that phase!

So tell me is it wrong to have friends with benefits? Do u think that kind of relationship is confusing? Is there a limit to having "sexual relations" until deciding on being "just friends" only?

I admit i had fwb but i never really thought about it if my past actions cause any confusion cuz i never ask the other person how they felt, I was just in it for gradification besides i don't get emotionally involve when it comes down to it but i am compassionate to a limit.
Come on in my opinion if u offer me sex either really early or that's what u want it will not guarantee that i will be faithful and one day just give u a commitment. So i don't think its wrong to have a friend with benefits longs u both agree to stay within the guidelines of not believing its a real relationship, if someone starts feeling different then just stay friends or cool out until the meantime.

Personally I don't think ain't nothing wrong with just being a lover hey u know what i mean lol (smile) nothing wrong with a booty call or is it?!

You tell me opinions wanna read them!


hmm...friends with benefits....I think it totally depends on the people and how attacehd they can be or unattached with each other, I mean me and Carla both had bfs but we still fooled around and we never really got jealous of it...I like friends with benefits personally though I don't have any sort of those friends at the moment...


I don't think there is anything wrong with friends with benefits.. As long as it is ok with both parties. I used to have lots of friends with benefits, but now I wont do that, since I am looking at it from a new perspective. I don't look down on people that do that though. To each their own. *nods*


If you both deffantely keep it simply a sexual relationship then sure but in all honesty that type of relationship usually goes sour because someone ends up having feelings while the other one doesnt resulting in someone getting hurt. Relationships are not ment to be used so lightly and when you do things half way things tend to end up entirely different and most of the time end up badly because its not ment to be done in that way. But Hey you only live once and if you feel like trying something that is technically normal in society but may not be normal to you then hey go for it and whatever happends learn from it. That is all you can do.


hm friends with benfits hmm lol never really thought of it before LOL i with sammie lol never thought of it XD but eh i guess its ok as long as both party's agree to the rules never really had a "friend with benefits" i watch friends play with their selves though LOL now thats awesome i would just watch most of the time not join in so does that count as friend with benefits? but she really wasnt my friend just someone i knew but the catching feelings thing is bleh oh man i dont want to hurt anybody &gt.&lt lol maybe thats y i cant do it that and i see my friends as my ***s and brothers so thats just gross lol

but finally point My cookie is only for the sarced few! LOL XD
i'll watch a person get off but i wont join =P


Well, I'm polyamory to begin with.
And in my opinion havinf friends with benefits should be absolutly normal, aslong as both feel the same.
Thats been my problem, the friends starts... well. And then you like em, and dont want to hurt em, but really you just cant otherwise. and dragging it along just makes it worse...
Oh well, I'm always up to multiple relationships too, but hardly anybody is ok with that. So I'm mostly in a monogamic relationship and just have my friends with benefits when I'm free. But it's especially hard since I always love atleast 2 ppl, so I always have unfullfilled love, in that sense...
Someday I might be able to live out my polygamic side fully...

Well, what I'm trying to say is, don't regret or be ashamed, don't think you're a slut or taking advantage (aslong as your not playing with their feelings).

The world would be better if it were polyamory... love for everyone! and not just for one person.


Hm.. I'd say as long as you arn't dating someone and you have that type of bond go for it! Just be careful that you don't mess up a good relationship.


I never had fwb... I have enough friends that like me more then the friendship I offer. So I can't hurt them by sleeping with them. That might make me a softy but I don't wanne loose them.
I've been single for almost 2 years now. I haven't had one night stands or anything... I could if I wanted to.
People that have fwb... I don't blame them but I can't understand how you can filter your emotions. So why should I judge if I don't understand...


I had a friend with benefits, it wasnt planned, i didnt even know about my sexuality then, every thime shed stay over wed end up making out. Although were not friends anymore i thank her because she was the one who made me realise who i was and going to become. Im so comfortable in my own skin now.


Nice comments everyone, I like ur P.O.V on the subject and Alesia i especially enjoy ur comment the most, its different and real and shows a actually positive side to the matter.

Hey keep commenting I would like to knw more on how others feel on the subject its getting really interesting.

Is it for you or not for u to have a friend with benefits?

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