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easy way out ??? - Love and Romance


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ive been "talking" to this girl for a few months..she is an ex that moved away so we broke up but she came back and we ran across each other again and reconnected....after about a month and a half she told me she loved me again and that she was falling for me and that every kiss was breath taking....then all of a sudden she got distant and then we hung out again and it was fine so the other night she stayed at my place and was trying not to kiss me yet she coundlt resist ((what can i say)) then in the middle of a hot moment she busts out with so are we just gonna be friends with benefits cuz u know im not ready for all this im still not over my ex....so shes being distant again when i didnt get mad or say anything to offend her or wants...so was that an easy way out for her?


LOL i like the what can i say part xD got skills like that huh =P
hmm not really sure if it was an easy wat out for her or if shes telling the truth and doesnt want to hurt u?
maybe she wanted u to get jealous or something?

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