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How long sleeping with a broken heart? - Love and Romance


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everyone has them first love, i just got my first love then she gone... she choosed someone else after 2 months date with me. my heart was soo broke, and i sill have feeling to her even we are not together for 8 months. and miss her, want her. please anyone can tell me how long sleep with broken heart??? until i find new love?

It breaks your heart, to see the one you love is happy with someone else... but.. its more ***ful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you...

Watching you from across the room
sends searing *** through my heart.
I think back to a year ago,
when I thought we'd never part.
My love for you just won't die down -
it just grows with each new day.
I wish you'd dare to look at me
and hear what I have to say;
"I love you and I want you back - "
but these words you just won't hear.
You don't seem to remember them -
all the memories I hold dear.
You were my first kiss, my first love
and now you don't even care.
How could you just blow it away?
We were the perfect pair.
you seem content to let me go -
You're doing fine as you are,
while I'm still missing how we were.
We had the best love by far.

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