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If your a lesbian read this!! muaha. - Love and Romance

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Greetings fellow lesbians. =) I have some awesome news for you! If you dont know about my gays.com group "Les'R'Us" that's too bad. Because it's amazing. BUT I'm not here to tell you about that, I'm here to tell you about the WEBSITE. It's new and needs you lezzies! We appreciate each and every one of you! =)

If you'd like to check it out here's the website addy.


If you DO decide to join us that's awesome and you can read about the contest we're having. Best part, you get a prize if you win! The prize is undecided but will have to do with being a lesbian (RAINBOW!!!).

So! Come check it out if you'd like. =) Have an awesome day to everyone regardless.

Alex xoxo

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