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Do i know what i want? - Love and Romance

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Ok so i was with this guys for 3 years. TJ. The first 6 months were ok but then it was like non-stop fighting and breaking up and unnecessary drama! I was always crying over him and i was always hurt by him some way or another. Not a week went by that i didnt cry over him. No i wasnt very happy. But when i first started dating him, i met one of his friends Randi. Randi is a girl and had been an out lesbian for a while. When i met her we instantly connected. But of course i was with TJ so nothing could really happen wit Randi but i so wanted something to! But through out those 3 years, me and tj broke up A LOT!! And a few times me and Randi started talking. Randi was the main reason for most of our fights for 3 years. He knew i liked her but no matter what he always still wanted to be wit me. His actions in no way made it seem like he wanted me but thats what he always said. He always told me he couldnt live w/o me and blah blah blah. I wasn`t the most innocent girlfriend but i had to find ways to be happy sometimes cuz i wasnt wit him. So about 2 or 3 months ago i finally broke up wit him and for good! And it was pretty much for Randi. We had been inlove the whole time i was with TJ. Im not proud of that but what can i do to stop it? So now me and Randi are together and happy! Its been very rocky because there are so many people who just dont want us together but we deal. But TJ is devastated still after 3 months! He still begs for me back and tells me im the only girl he will ever love and that he doesnt wanna live anymore and all that. I feel so horrible because i still care about TJ but i deffinitely don`t want him back. IDK what to do because i hate hurting him. Anyone have any experience in this area?


I haven't been with anyone that long but I've been through basically the same thing. I figured I had a choice be with some one who knew me and loved me for who I was or be with the bad boy who didn't really know anything about me or what I was about. I chose the person who really knew me, and it hurt him and because I caused that I hurt too. I stayed with the one who loved me and while in the long run it didn't work out because both he and I realized that he liked boys and I liked girls it was still a hard place to be you just have to stick to your guns so to speak. Do you want the love or do you want the drama? I'm still friends with the boy I chose and I don't know what happened to the other guy he graduated and we lost touch but after everything we found even ground between the three of us. And one last thing why care what anyone else thinks it's your life and you've got to do what's best for you.


I was in a relationship similar to that. But what i learned was if your happy so be it. Its not that your trying to be a "BITCH" or anything but ppl have to see that for the past 3 years all he did was hurt you. And now you found a girl that makes you happy. So FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. Your dating Randi. Not them. If she makes you happy, then get over him. and TJ says he doesnt want to live anymore, BELIEVE ME.... DICK IS JUST DICK. HE'LL FIND PUSSY WHEN HE NEEDS IT. if he couldn't see that he was hurting you for 3 years..... What makes you think he can change? But since your happy with Randi, I SAY FUCK YOUR EX!
Like the saying goes,"you dont know what you got till its gone." So just move on. AND BE HAPPY GIRL!!!!! (:


people never die because of broken-heart. u should do what you want to.
good luck.
i know u dont want hurt TJ but u dont want to back to him, and if u back to him ur GF will hurt. and u want to be with ur GF.
so i think, u just stay with ur GF.
good luck

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