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I first posted this on myspace and i thought i could post it on this sight as well. lol. take a look at it and enjoy.

when i look at the world around me i begin to see how much my life has changed. I look towards the past and i see how timid i once was. Almost like a bird. I wanted to be seen. I wanted to be noticed but once someone saw me, once someone had moved towards me, it was almost like i flew away finding refuge in a tree. i had built a wall. i became sad and wondered why life was so important. As the world changed, so did my life, like seasons in a year. I look to my present, how out going i had become. Gone was the little bird and the young thriving woman had emerged. almost like the sun, shining bright in the sky but if a cloud should go by or even when night falls, its shrouded in darkness. waiting for its time to shine once more. like the sun, I always wait for my chance to shine. that chance comes often and for that i am thankful. I am no longer afraid for my heart. my heart is no longer afraid of being broken. gone is the wall in my heart. broken down to uncover a glorious field. the sun, the sky, the flowers. So many colors all around me. I love it and i just wont go back in my box. no one can put me back there even if they had tried. I am free of my box, of the restraints. there are no inhabitions inside of me any more. nothing to hold me back. there are things that keep me grounded, but being restrained and being grounded mean two different things. my friends and my love keep me grounded. they keep me from going over the edge. if i am to ever feel alone, i know that i will always be able to go to them with any problem i have. they are my cloud, and yet they are my anchor. the world around me is confusing, its harsh and its scary. but my world...my world around me is just perfect. my world is what i make of it. my world is my oyster and my world is my own.

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