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Male homosexuality


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According to various estimates, the earliest record dates back almost 5000 years. Archaeological evidence indicates that a certain city of the Harappan Civilization had it right. During that period, homosexuality among males flourished and became generally accepted.

In contrast, today's portrayal is characterized by a barren landscape indicative of our afflictions. There is a lack of basic human connection, fidelity, romance, and love. Rather, male homosexuality has mainly been reduced to a series of pornographic images and videos. These reflect the bleakness of our world and the emptiness of our imagination.

As time passed, the religion of this Harappan city evolved to be unique. Even though the ideas are ancient, the implementation is relevant to today's world.

My research has led me to create a website that showcases this remarkable religion. In my way, practising that ancient religion is an integral part of my daily life. This belief continually astonishes me with how many layers it has, and how those layers contribute to its depth.

You are welcome to ask any question to learn more about this religion.


Sample questions would be: what makes you think male homosexuality needs reform? Or is it even reformable?

Great questions. 

For example, heterosexual "romantic movies" are almost universally acceptable *regardless* of the level of emotion. So the question becomes, why isn't male homosexuality the same?

Today's portrayal of male homosexuality is a barren landscape devoid of essential human connection, fidelity, romance, and love. 

It is mainly pornographic!

Now to the second question. Despite millennia of the current decrepit forms of homosexuality, it remains a sideshow and a limited following!

The faith offers male homosexuality (homosexuality) a way out of this dark pit by acknowledging and regarding homosexuality as a fundamental human emotion with an authentic spiritual quality.

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