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lack of intimacy! >:( - Love and Romance

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So I recently broke up with my girlfriend because of the lack of intimacy. She doesn't understand that it IS important. I'm all about it. It was always that I had to start it. I had to kiss her first or I had to give her the hug. It STILL irritates me because although we are still friends she hasn't learned that maybe a hug when I'm upset would make me less upset. It sounds so silly now because we aren't in a relationship, but it drives me insane that she learned nothing from this.

I just don't understand how people can be so cold.


they just dont understand. my x was the same way. except it was when she wanted shit. k i wont even lie, im a sexual person. i enjoy having sex w females. it feels great. so wats the problem w me getting some almost everyday? my x did not cooperate. this might sound a lil fucked up but sometimes i would have to wait till she was asleep in order to get some. now thats sad! there is nothing wrong w being intimate is there? was i wrong?


Ah lawd!.... Alex I'm glad you stop wasting your love on someone who doesn't love you back. What's a relationship without intimacy, its called a roommate or a very jerky friend. You sound patience to put up with that for some time chica, you need to focus on someone new to give you that love you give back.
Hell she probably couldn't handle you and was not woman enough to say so. If there is one thing I hate is when a female thinks that all she good for is just being passive laying on her back like a full size doll, how unsatisfying is that?
She'll learn one day cause Karma is a bitch and when she realize it you'll be in a much bettah place with someone special in your life.
Can't be cold and expect people just to respond positive all the time, you treat people how u want to be treated and if they can't do that, then leave cause ur wasting time on someone who in sick way likes to see you hurt emotional.

I hope you find a better woman than her!
Romeo 2010 for new beginnings!

For My Dear Allison its not wrong for you wanting to be intimate to the one who you are involve, there is something wrong with her using your feelings to get what she wants. What's the perks of a relationship if you can't be intimate with ur girl? She's another one not being true to herself with you! I'd probably done the same thing and then kick her out cause I can't even see myself doing that on a nightly basis she can kick rocks!
I can't stand liars or fake people they can kick rocks!
If you doing all the work then she wasn't that great to begin with!

Romeo says little girls are little girls for a reason!


My current isn't intimate at all. She gets mad if I kiss her sometimes. She's like You're being too clingy. Yup, I'm clingy for wanting to kiss her. I don't get it. I'm like at the end of my rope with her. D=


sucks when someone cAnt appreciate the time, effort and passion that you try to add to a realtionship. shit if u were my girl, i would tell u I NEED A KISS!!!! i love to be passionate and to cuddle. its the best ever! the problem is we just havent found the right ones. one day they wil come and when they do we will be well prepared! look AT all the practice time we are putting in now w these lil girls? lol when she gets here, i will be ready to love her. until then, ill just party hard and enjoy my life. when she gets here, we shall party hard together and i will dedicate her my life. still waiting, maybe 2010 will be the year?

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