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Gay males being acocited with pedophiles...(opinion s?)


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Has anyone else noticed this???  My *** won't let me babysit m nephew for no reason..... How come it's so bad for 50 year old men to date 18 early twenties year old guys? But ok for for an old guy and young girl to be together?

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Some people truly believe that all gay men are pedophiles; look at all the hysteria from the right wing calling gay men "groomers". The constant repetition of this lie has an effect even on otherwise sensible people. 


The association of gay men with paedophiles comes from an Ancient Grecian practice of pederasty in which older men took up with guys in their ***s to early 20s.  It was frowned upon for the two men to be of a similar age. The ancient Greeks didn't have a concept/word for homosexuality as we do in our age, so when texts were being translated, it was agreed that the practice of pederasty was akin to what we would call paedophillia.

Ancient Greece saw sexual relationships in the context of who played which role i.e. top/bottom or penetrating partner/passive partner.  In a male same sex relationship, it was always best to be the "top" as this was associated with virility/masculinity.  Being the "bottom" resulted in being viewed as effeminate.  Pederasty in itself was seen as a right of passage for men in ancient Greece before undertaking military duties.  I won't bore people with the ins and outs, but this notion of gay men being peadophiles essentially comes from trying to fit an ancient Greek practice (which was perfectly normal to them in the 5th Century BC) into how we view sexuality and relationships in our time.

As for age gap relationships in the heterosexual world; they have their terminology too: cougar, sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar momma, male midlife crisis, man trying to relive his lost youth as he attempts to prove to himself that he is still attractive.  To me, these terms seem to get bandied about in jest, not meant to be taken as a criticism (gold digger I feel being the exception).  People generally *** what they don't understand and as far as homosexuality is concerned, some people will never get that it's love albeit in a different form and they'll spend eternity trying to make the square block fit through the triangle window.


Anything outside of the norm, is always subject to scrutiny!


People being people, not so very long ago, being gay was considered a mental issue, and a disease, Once you get a jacket on you, people will pigeon hole you in a convient cubby hole or and lable you in a category!  Taking care of kids, is he safe, somebody I can trust, somebody like me!  It's to be expected!  I was wondering this about you.  How old is he?  Anyways?  He had an appifiny?  You just are figuring this out?  Duh!!!!  People being people! welcome to life!  Next thought!  His ***, his ***, has issues with hi lifestyle?  Like if your own *** thinks this!  He must not been around too long in this world!  I knew I was acey-duecy, or different, as young as five years old!  Figure out being gay, was a no, no, at the age of 13, this was a long process, never had siblings, circumstances of life!  

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