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Why do it outside or in a car


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I love sucking cock in a car . Even hotter if it at Walmart parking lot and dark. But to bottom I like going to hotels to get fuck bare back and seeded. Not by one cock but multiple cocks . 



I love spontaneous meetups and most of the time hosting is a problem at peak hours,

So that's where  carplay comes In. I love suckin cock in the car and love to be daring and fuck in it as well. I like guys who have same thoughts or ideas as me and don't care if I'm suckin or fuckin and someone walks by and looks. I went to a bathhse and walked around In my tightest underwear and omg I could of fucked every guy in there so instead went to my room left my door wide open laid on my stomach naked and God a hot guy with a big cock came I  and fucked me for 15 mins then we left in his car and I rode him right in a parking lot.


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