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Fuckijng in the woods


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I have a fantasy of going to the woods and meeting up with men. Men that love to butt fuck men. I want a few horny cocks to fuck my hole and cream pie my man puss. So horny for a dick. There’s a place close by here. I could put my ass in the air for anyone. Lol anon cock is exciting.

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I want to have sex in the woods one day. 

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I need a guy who is willing to get their cock sucked right now! So anxious and craving for it.


i have done this in a wooded are of a park.  Made eye contact and went into a wooded are to get my cock sucked

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It's amazing. I've done it in two different spots. One was at a Highway rest area where I please hungry truckers.

The other was on a hill known for cruising. You go there and you'll find many Men walking around, leaning against a tree or waiting in the car. 

Both were amazing in their own way.



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