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me and my gf r haveing problems =( - Love and Romance

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so me and my gf of 4yrs r having problems, i geuss im lookin for advice or maybe just someone to talk to bout it. anyway we've been together for 4 years and 4 months wich is the longest relationship either of us have been in. so i still live with my parents and work for my dad, she was living with her parents but bout 5 months ago she got in to an argument with her mom and like a good gf i talked my parents in to letting her move in free of rent, and everything was grate or so i thought, then 2 months ago on my birthday mind u she starts cryin sayin that she want to move out and that she dosnt think im emotionly ready to take care of her, and said "i love you but how can you love someone and no want to be with them" then she had a panic attack. now shes gotten a place with her friend and over the past 2 months we've talked and ive found out that shes "tired of it being a one way thing" and that in 4 yrs shes got her lisends, had 2 jobs, and got i car. and me i havent done anything and it pisses her off that shes been tryin to build a futaure for us and i havent been. shes also pissed that in 4 yrs i still cant tell her how i feel, im not good at exspressing myself. but anyway ive told her that im sorry and that i will work on those things bc i honestly hate liveing with my parents, and i do love her, but she acts like she dosnt beleave me =( i geuss bc ive said that b4, idk what to do she says she wants to work things out and that in the end she wants to be with me... but idk she took off her engagment ring and said it was bc she dosnt beleave it stands for what it should right now... she also said she thinks she loves me to much... idk any advice would be nice =/ sorry im not better at writting these.

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