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cant a fight just be forgotten?? - Love and Romance


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i recently had a fight with my now ex girlfriend because she felt i was unsupportive about her m.o.t!!!! when she started it i pointed out (with my quite sharp tongue,i admit) thta she was being dramatic and acting spolit and should grow up....i know that was very snapish of me, but i had had an aweful week and she picked this fight seemingy out of nowhere. anyway i repeatedly said sorry to her ,very sincercely and she just wouldnt let it go! the fight went on for 4 days! where she tried to counsell me and get 'behind my anger issue'...she then went on to tell me i deal with all my problems in the wrong way and should confront my issues inseatd of letting things go all the time (she was refering to my ex who had pissed me off a week earlier)..it resulted in me calling her a smug superior cunt and telling her to fuck off.....apart from my sharp tongue is there anything i have done wrong here really?!?!?! i'm a let it go kind of persn and when a stupid argments happens im fine to write it off as just that and move on, is that wrong? r is she just a knob who always has to be right like my friends think?

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