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A letter I sent to my Girlfriend to accompany her promise ring. - Love and Romance

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"With this ring, I offer you, and only you, my entirety—my whole soul, and my whole heart. Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me for all of eternity, forever and always, and forever after that.
I promise to love and care for you even when time no longer exists. I will protect and console you until the moment my last breath escapes me. You will never need another set of arms to be held in, or another shoulder to cry on for as long as I live.
All of your secrets will be mine and I will shield them from the world. Every tear you shed, I vow to be kissed away by my lips, and every nightmare shall be chased away by my unconditionally loving whispers. I will ease every tremble that plagues you with a strong and confident embrace.
I will never allow your hand to be empty, for mine will always grasp it—in times of happiness, grief, and every other moment in between. My eyes will carry your image, and my love for you will linger upon my lips.
My ears sing at the sound of your voice, and my heart dances at the smallest glance we share. My hands tremble, longing to hold and be held in return, because the spaces between each finger are where yours fall perfectly.
I never imagined that I could be loved in return the way that I love you. But, I see in your eyes every day that the love I have for you is as equally and as fervently reciprocated. You are the biggest thing that motivates me, along with our future together.
I want you to be absolutely confident that you are the girl I plan on spending my entire life with. There is no one else other than you, and you are an irreplaceable, perfect, and unmistakably beautiful person. I am so lucky to be able to call you mine. You’re the person I thought I’d have to wait forever for, but you landed in my lap like some heaven-sent gift. I love you more than anything in this world, and I hope you wake up every day feeling that love surround you."

(c) Jennifer Michelle D.

Yeach, I actually wrote this. No copying... Some of my straight friends said they wished I was a boy. Anyway, I figured it fit the group reason so I hope you all enjoy it! ^^


That is very sweet... I hope she wants to be with you forever... Lol

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