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falling to late - Love and Romance


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idk how to handle falling to late without regretting that i treated her like shit then lost her and its kind of eating me up inside but im learning to be okay with it and now she wants nothing to do with me at all i hate it.. and it tends to seem to hold me back from falling again or from getting into a relationship at all cause i dont wanna get hurt or hurt someone else again..


Cassidee- We all make mistakes. But the best thing you can do is learn from them of course, which I am sure you know. We all have room for self -improvement. And one day if you ever bump into her just let her know you are truly sorry and you have made improvements with yourself because of all the hurt you caused her and wish her happiness.
Work on yourself for a bit and then move on. If we hold back because of our own ***s we are not learning. Crash down the walls that keep you from moving in a positive direction.

Here is a poem for you I wrote a while back:

“Let the Dragons Go and Be Quieted”

To decide,
And make your choice,
You must be ready,
In your minds eye.

When you look,
For easy answers
By others ideals,
And not your own
You confidence,
Will dwindle,
Never finding
It’s hold.

*** grabs us,
Like a rusty nail,
Seeping in,
The poison,
From within,
And the only way,
Is to face
The demon,
That tears you down,
By breaking
Through the barriers,
And moving,

Embrace it,
And let it,
Throughout your body;
From inside
Your trouble mind,
Release it;
And experience,
The cleansing of,
Fresh beginnings,
The inner you,
Coming out,
Feeling new,
And reborn,
Like a baptism
To a new life.

Is part of the game,
That hinders,
Our progress
We put it to shame,
And turn our backs,
Against the truth,
That bears the gifts
That we could see,
Inside us.

Will only happen,
When we see the light
That illuminates
An open mind,
And only those,
Who understand it,
Can see the answers,
That stand,
Before us,
Dragons fall,
And be quieted.

Take care of what makes you bad - love yourself- forgive yourself- and when your happy it will show and you won't have to hurt anyone anymore.


omg thank you so much that helped alot i appreciate it alot that makes alot of sense i feel better already!


Jeanie from what ive seen always has the right thing to say, right on.

I agree, I applaud you because I wouldnt have the patience to write all that.

Cassidee, Ive been through that and what did was soak in my *** for awhile and then get up breath and do it all over again, but in a more successful ish way. I still messed up but ya after each I kind of learnt some new shit.

Jeanie thats was totally awesome of you.


Jeanie that is real girl and well said may I add.

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