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My Last Experience With A Guy


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I'm bi-curious with very little experience. One experience though which was also my last one, was with one my friends. He commented to me once that he was bi and made porn movies sometimes with a guy out of San Francisco. I was so turned on to know that about him. I didn't tell him about me due to a mutual woman who would've told my secret to the entire world. So I kept it to myself. I would think about him when ever I would jack off and/or put a toy in my tight hole. Some time had gone by and I was really wanting a guy. I told myself the next time I saw him I'd let him in on my secret. One night I'm out at the bar close to my house and was drinking getting really buzzed, all the sudden he came walkin in. My jaw dropped and my cock got rock hard instantly. He came straight over to me and I said let's step outside for a smoke. As we smoked I wasted no time confessing my feelings for him, he didn't believe me that I was bi and that I was interested in him. As as I showed him the bulge in my pants he was definitely interested. Luckily he was staying around the corner too and his roommate was gone for the week. I informed him that I was off work the next day, we both agreed we were into each other and lets get naked and have some fun. On the way to his apartment we're both in disbelief that this was happening. We were so excited and turned on, as soon as we got inside we tore each other's clothes off and started kissing each other passionately and fast at the same time. We made our way to the bedroom without stopping touching and kissing each other. Once in the bedroom I immediately dropped to my knees and began stroking and sucking his perfect cock. He was completely shaved which was really nice not worrying about hair and me gagging. His cock was smooth and long but thinner than mine. As I was enjoying his manhood I was able to deepthroat him and get a good seal around him that was able to really suck his dick. He couldn't help but gasp and moan as I did all the tricks on him that I had always imagined doin on someone. He grabbed me up and we both laid on the bed kissing and stroking each other's cock's. He was making his way down to mine and he complimented me on my dick. He liked the fact that mine was a good bit thicker than his. We laid up kissing stroking and 69ing for several hours. We stopped counting how many times we came. I'm not a swallower but I'd let him cum on me anywhere. I wanted him to get in my tight hole and that I wanted the real thing in me instead of toys. No matter how much I pressed the matter or begged him, he kept saying I wasn't ready and I had to be absolutely sure that I wanted another man inside me. We'd take a smoke break out on the patio only to look at each other and get turned on all over again going right to intense kissing,touching and stroking. We continue to orgasm multiple times. I noticed that while we're rolling around, I never got soft, I was as hard as rock the entire time. When it was all said and done, I have never came so much and so intensely as I did that night. Telling him that, he simply smiled and said well then, you're in for a treat when the next time we hangout, I'm gonna fuck your tight ass so good you'll have an out of body experience... Unfortunately that never meeting never happened. Since then we both moved and eventually lost contact.That was 5 years ago and I haven't been with a man since and am still trying to find someone to fuck my tight ass!













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