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Scammers or what?


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Okay. So I've tried texting a few guys from this website. The first one, after only one day, wanted me to send him $150 to fix his phone so he could send a picture. Seemed like an obvious scam so I dropped him.

The next one waits almost two weeks before asking for money. This was tougher because I'd thought a relationship had been developed. 

Both of the were from distant areas and there was no real way to meet up in person, especially during this Covid-19 stuff.

Makes me think most of the potential guys here are just scam artists looking to make some money. I could be wrong. But I'd still say that, at this point, I wouldnt recommend chatting with anyone who isn't local. And even that's no guarantee the person wont try to play on your heart strings to lift your wallet.

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Sorry for these mails. 
By now we still try our best to ban fakes and scammer as best we can. 
Please use the report button in their profiles to support our team. thx. 

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