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My fantasy (one of them)


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I meet someone and we arrange to hookup at his place... 

I have on a pair of red lacey boy cut panties on under my jeans. As I reach the door it opens and I'm invited in. He is a gracious host and offers me a beverage. I politely decline so he sits down on the couch. As I'm about to sit down on the opposite end I notice a nice size bulge in his pants. I reach for the button on my jeans and open it up to reveal the top of my sexy red panties. My eyes not leaving the bulge growing in his pants I walk over to him letting my pants fall to my ankles as I move. I get on my knees and start to tear at the waistband of his pants mouth watering my tight ass starting to quiver with anticipation. He smiles at me and slides his pants off his hips just enough to show the base of his stiffening cock. I can't hold back anymore and with a final tug his pants are around his ankles and there in front of me is an 8 inch rock hard cock already precum is running down to his shaved balls. I lap the precum up working my tongue from balls to the head of this nice cock. I wrap a hand around the base and point it at my mouth as I slide my lips over his head. As I'm working my mouth up and down and around this glorious dick my hand is stroking it. It doesn't take long and I feel his cock start to thrive and his balls start to get ready to unleash their hot sticky load. His hands were rubbing my back encouraging me to take that giant cock into my throat. I had positioned myself just right so that my lace covered ass was within his reach. I could feel him slip a finger into the crotch of my panties making its way to my eager ass. When his finger tip gently presses and rubs the outer part of my asshole turning me on even more than the sight of his bulging cock. I hear his moans change as his dick swells in my mouth. I know the amount of hot cum that is going to erupt from his fantastic package is going to be enormous. Take his cock out of my mouth and pull aside the panties exposing my tight hole. I can see the disappoint wash over him when I stopped greedily sucking his dick just as he was about to explode. I tell him that I don't like cum in my mouth as I lower my hips and start to ease my ass around the swollen head. I barely got it into me when he let out a loud moan of shear ecstasy. I started to get my asshole accustomed to his girth when I felt him thrust his hips up just as his cock quivered got really stiff and swollen. I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for and as his cock pumped wave after wave thick hot cum into my ass I continued to ride that awesome cock. After the last spasm and his big dick had deposited the last the entire contents of his big balls in my ass I stood up and adjust my panties. As I walked accross the room I could feel my stretched well fucked asshole relax and spill the biggest pile of cum into my panties which quickly flooded and ran down my legs. If only...


Nice fantasies ! It would be very interesting to read similar or other postings inside this topic, I guess.

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That's hot I need a good fck too

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Awwshhh, I love that sexy ass ************

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What a shame you live so far away sweetie. I’d love to fill you up as often as you want xx

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