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Something Special - Love and Romance

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Well I been dating this girl for 13 months now.. She is great she is completely amazing.. Is like we were meant for e.o but we are completely different.. We argue alot.. But we cant get away from e.o. She is like a drug, and well I'm addicted to her. We met in Hawaii where we were living for a yr then I moved to NC and she came and stayd w me for a month but now she lives in GA and I'm planning on going to see her for New Years. But I wanna do something extremely special for her cuz she is my world.. But everytime I come up w something she just ruins it.. It SUCKS!! So I wanna do something but IDK what I dont have any more ideas.. Well atleast not yet...
Look I'm puertorican and she is hawaiian..
is like this
I like blue she likes purple
I like hip hop she likes rock
I like roses she likes chocolates
I'm shy she tlks to everyone
I like Italian she likes ChineseI
hope you guys r getting what m saying we r really different
Any Ideas on a special evening?!


Maybe it's not that she ruins it, maybe you're just planning something that you think is romantic but she doesn't. My advice plan for both of you. Like you like roses look up what the different colors for the roses mean and choose a few that you think represents you realtionship and get her her favorite chocolates. Tell her what the roses symbolize and why you chose them. Set up her favorite meal. You can't just plan it for yourself because if you are as different as you say it won't work.


Well she likes when I cook.. Maybe I should cook something that we both like..
Everytime I ask her what she would like to do she just says anything you want to do cuz I just want to be w you. I asked her yesterday and she told me that again.. Only thing we like is strawberries w chocolate.. And I was gonna get some wive but she is becoming an alcoholic soo I dont want her to drink..

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