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Our you a freak😈our you fantasizeing every day?


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On 12/15/2018 at 1:06 PM, Bigbiguy48 said:

Discussion about wat you think makes you constantly fantasize and always horny


Just the fact that it's wrong to like a man but I can't help it I want to just do everything I can to him my tongue up his ass his Cock down my throat and what ever else I can do to him


The sense of knowing that being nude and extracting cum from cocks is my place in life. The inner peace and joy of sucking cock, sexually pleasing men. The sexual fulfillment that only gay sex brings to me.

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just knowing I'll be completely naked with another man... making out, grinding, rubbing, fondling as hot foreplay for more... is arousing fantasy making me want that and more... to be reality.

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I find being tied up and crawl like a pet is very exciting.


For me it fantasizing about being with my friend. he rumored to have a 8" dick I have always wanted to play with it.

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The expected feelings that comes from sharing your nectar and getting some back in the process! Always swallow that nectar. It's good for YOU!
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Getting pissed on drinking guys piss yum 

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