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Tight Foreskin


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Visiting a gay pick up spot recently saw a young guy in blue swim trunks, well packed swim trunks, looked like he should be doing commercials for Boss aftrshave. We passed each other a few times my heart skipping a beat each time then to my surprise he approached me and motioned towards some nearby bushes. I led the way to a secluded spot and he followed. When we were well ensconced he stroked my chest and and smiled and almost giggling said  I'm new to this. Such a lovely friendly approachable guy cased in this hairy, hunky, super model body! We held each other close and  kissed a little and I could see the bulge in his swim trunks threatening to rip the Lycra. I cupped his bulge and he kissed me more intensely and I could feel immediately that it was thick and long curling down over his balls and back between his thighs. I felt a shudder of exitemen and not wanting to disturb the magnificent bulge in his trunks I dropped to my knees pressing my face and lips against his trunks following the contours of his thick unfurled cock with my lips and smelling his maleness through the fabric of his briefs.

He seemed so naive and inexperienced that I didn't know where this was going so prepared myself, needlessly,  for disappointment.  I am versatile but when faced by raw masculinity like this it tends to bring out my passive nature. I couldn't wait any longer and clumsily edged down his briefs the tightness of which had been restraining his cock in an awkward position now free it sprang upright and slapped hard against his belly proud and rigid like a prize courgette. It was then I saw that his foreskin completely covered his huge cock head with just a little puckered opening in line with his piss hole. I took hold of his magnificent thick shaft pulling down the skin wanting to suck it expecting it to immediately expose his huge penis head but it didn't and I felt strong resistence and thought oh shit he's one of those kids who should have been circumcised and can't retract his foreskin. My enthusiasm was begining to fade when I tried again , much harder this time, and to my delight the skin grudgingly pulled back revealing the most magnificent unripe purple plumb of a cock head engorged and thicker than the shaft to which it was attached. Before my eyes steam appeared to rise from it in the mid afternoon sun and the foreskin so tight locked beneath the flange of his cock head refusing to recover it. 

This sight was more than I could bear and immediately took as much of his penis into my mouth as I could without dislocating my jaw.

If you are a bottom you know the thoughts that run through your mind at this stage. You want that cock inside you so badly you greedily run your tongue and lips over every contour imagining just how good it would feel pistoning in and out of your tight hole and you lube it with your saliva subconsciously whilst feeling your hole voluntarily pulsing and dilating a little ready to take it.

I had reached this highly charged state then suddenly thought I'm not sure this guy knows what to do with it but my doubts were soon allayed when I felt his hand slowly move down the centre of my back inside my jeans but over my briefs he located my hungry hole and simulated fucking it with his finger pushing the fabric of my briefs up inside my hole. I knew that we were on course then and provocatively pulled down my jeans turned around and white briefs still on presented my arse to him. He began to slide his missile of a cock up and down my arse crack over my briefs lingering a little and pushing his plum against my hole which was devine. I pulled down my briefs expecting him to go charging in but he hesitated and said he hadn't got a condom. I passed him a condom which fully unfurled and streched to capacity came only halfway down his rigid upright cock. I assumed the position again, peeled down my briefs and reaching back between my legs lubricated my hole with saliva allowing my finger to linger over my hole fingering the entrance just basically behaving like a whore now. I caught a glmpse of him holding his huge cock pulling it down from against his belly in line to stick it in me. I expected so much *** but he was initially very patient and condiderate. The sensation of him slowly inserting his huge cock head until my anus finally accepted it was exquisite.  The condom was so tightly streched I could feel every vain and contour of his delicious cock inside me and his inexperience worked to my advantage because instead of just ramming it deep as most guys do he worked my hole with his cock head and kept  withdrawing and re inserting it.When he did go deep my anus having been stretched so much by his cock head seemed to close tight on his shaft and feel every detail along with the rib around the entrance of the codom.

Sadly it didn't last too long I could feel the heat as he came violently inside me and almost filled the condom with his hot spunk. I couldn't resist licking him clean and re aquainting myself with the thing that had just given me so much pleasure after he pulled off the condom and half a pint of spunk splattered on the ground,

What a guy! We kissed a little and said goodbye he didn't realise his potential. My arse was sore for a couple of days helping keep the memory fresh!


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