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The day I didn't fight. - Love and Romance

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Just got out of a relationship that has been off and on for three years now. I have never loved/hated anyone more than i do her now. Anyways since the very first time I have gave it my all everytime, Just for her to shut me out. I feel like i lose part of my self everytime I put myself through this torture. I'm very loud and outspoken, well I use to be. Yesterday My mom was hollering at me for the stupidest shit ever like always and normally I Holler back, But yesterday I just stood there and cried and waited for her to be done. I dont wanna be like this, I wanna be myself and enjoy life again and be able to talk to other girls without thinking about my ex or comparing . How do i be myself again is my question? Thanks for taking time to deal with my bullshit.


Hey I was in the same situation as you! I was in a relationship for 5 years and didn't think that I could move on 6 months down I have never been better! I'm not gonna tell you it was easy I struggled with myself for months! But with the help of my closest friends I came out the end, it will get easier but have faith in yourself that you can get past this stage. And you will get there. NEVER turn back ALWAYS look forward!! You will get there!! xx


Hi Amber,
As Liz said it does get better with time. But u must be willing to work at it.
We all have been there. I myself am working on getting over mine after 7 yrs and believe me I have been noticing the adjustment in myself.
Lean to love urself because u r a beautiful person and use the pain to help make urself a even better person. I am sure oneday u will find a better love. u will survive this. Trust me .
Sylvia .


I did the same thing sorta. I loved my ex, don't get me wrong. But by the time I finally ended it I felt this crazy rage whenever I thought of her. I was so sick of the fights and bullshit. If it's not working, just let it die. You might not believe it, but there are millions of girls out there, you really think you were lucky enough to find the best one so young? No. Move on, keep hunting. The next might be better. Or not. Either way keep moving till you find something that fits.

I promise it will be ok. I've been single for a long time now, and life has been wonderful. I'd love to be in a relationship again but it'll happen when it happens. So until then, enjoy life as it comes.


it's hard, i understand d pain my heart was snatched from me like neva b4 such pain such heart ache i never new pain to the heart neva new heart break pain, i wish it on no one, 13 yrs and hapy for 12yrs, i thought i was gonna die. then i woke up and realized d love for me had to out weigh the pain i rec'd. it's hard but u must 1st accept the pain and kno u will b okay, but deal with it face it and yes there may b more pain but at the end u will b able to smile b happy without such hate and hold on to the good times, and yes in the beginning it will b painful but take it and smile u'll c it gets better. my relation started out with a more of an emotional thing and that i must say was the best thing i've ever experienced, i don't hate her because she gave me the best 12 yrs i've ever had and i will always hold on to it. i'm can now look at her and not with such disgust with the way she tore us a part but appreciation that i can move on without such hate. you must that u have no control over anothers heart u may capture it but not control it, words r easy to say but d work is a challenge that we must all face some pain more than others, but must be meet head on. best of luck keep ur head up and stay positive


my dear amber, like wht they said, keep moving on, choose better life, nvr look back..we as a humanbeing, always hv two choices in our life..either good or bad, happy or sad..strong or weak, so make sure u choose to be the good one, happy one n strong one, ok..always think positive, n optimist..the gurl tht dont knw hw to appreciate u, juz let her go! away from ur mind n heart..


Wow, well, I understand. I hated my first love....well my only REAL love...when she left me for another woman. HATED. I loved her though...where there is hate there is always love. You cannot hate someone if you dont love or care for them. At least a relationship hate. Now I have hated people in my life that were insignificant. That is different. Hate for someone you once loved is actually love in pain. So, time doll. You have to find you again. Stay alone....dont run to the next relationship the minute you leave your last. Take time to learn to love YOU first. You will get through it. I did


Well spoken Tina and yes like Lizzie said. It is done! So it's time to pick up yourself out of the mud of pity and pain and say "The sun will come out tomorrow"
I am woman hear me "ROAR" baby!!
Change is hard but so is growing and once you have sprouted a new leaf on your stem of your new beginning it will get easier my friend it will get easier in the end, because new beginnings are so much fun. Mentally treat it like a holiday with a new beginning ahead of you. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds. Everyday is a new beginning!! Peace and Love to you Amber. You have friends here.

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