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Ok you probably get this a lot but I'm not sure if he's into me recently my brother and I helped this guy who just moved into their apartment which is located not to far from the beach (although he has a girlfriend living with him) put up some blinds on his windows through out his apartment actually we did the work for him while he's occupied with his iPad and his girlfriend was out running some errands. but I get this feeling that I'm being watched I know it sounds kinda of corny but yeah and when I looked up are eyes met for a few seconds and he will look the other way or look down on his iPad and at that time I didn't think to much of it. I was done installing the blind in their bathroom and headed towards their bedroom but before I got to their bedroom he said that he's going out for a swim and be back in half an hour. We locked eyes and he gave me a smile, a smile that says I'm so happy to see you kind of smile, a smile that you haven't seen someone your close to in years, does that make sense? 

Anyways he came back all wet and he needed to change so I left his room for a minute or so and he came out of his bedroom again another smile (OK). I was done with one window and when I got to the other window he had his wet briefs spread out right in front of the window I'm about to install the blind as if he wanted me to touch it, pick it up and move it. I went out and asked Bryan (name has been change to protect the innocent) LOL

Me:   Bryan do mind if you can move your stuff out of the way I need to get to the window

Bryan: No I don't mind, sure thing. Oh just this as he pointed at his brief and smiled 

Me: (smirking and smiling at the same time) ah yeah I would move it but I don't want you to think I'm a pervert or something

Bryan: (still smiling) not at all

He picked up his briefs threw it in the hamper, smiled as he walked pass me and are arms brush up against each other and in my mind I was screaming (aaaaaaaaaaahhh, what are you trying to do to me?!!!)




Another one, I was temporarily working for my brother at a construction site hauling a wheelbarrow full of sand and I was having a bit of trouble trying to get it over a metal platform that has ridges and this guy asked if I needed some help, I looked at him and again that smile (?) cause usually when a straight guy working at a construction site ask you if you need help no smiling involve there but this one just gave me that smile and from there he would watch me  work from time to time and we'll both look at each other and smile. My brother and I didn't stay to long and left to do another job. 


Into You? or Not? 


Ha, love this.  I know it's seems crazy, but guys (assumed straight) end up most times being a little 'bi' or interested in flirting.  Especially those on construction sites.  I used to work in an office on a construction site when I left school (many years ago).  Guys knew I was gay and they'd flirt and joke around with me all the time.  Not that anything happened, but that kind of stuff kinda goes with the territory - especially in summer when all the t-shirts come off... phew!  I know it hasn't answered your question, but I'd give it a bit more time, be flirty back... see where it ends up!

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