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lol, I woke up this morning and was craving for chocolate chip cookies, so I baked some mmm yummy oink! oink! its so good. Posted a picture

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I was in a baking mood yesterday night and my niece want some cookies. So I baked some Peanut Butter Cookies mmmm, there so good.


lol lately I've been baking alot of chocolate chip cookies, why? I have know Idea but they are so good, love the smell of fresh baked cookies. My favorite will have to be oatmeal raisin cookies, oh and cheesecake (I'm in heaven) lol


Two of my nieces ( 8 yrs and the other 4 yrs ) helped me bake a cake yesterday and added cream cheese icing. The young one added the liquid ingredients (water, butter and eggs) while her *** mixed the batter while I supervised. Then the young one beat the cream cheese icing until it was smooth and let them apply it to the cake by themselves. I know its not cookies but we felt like cake today. We all ate a piece of cake with a nice cold tea to go with it out on the porch. It was a beautiful day warm and sunny. 263A.png&key=0897b0abd1a1f9fae6099c90437


Listening to the 80's and baking cookies peanut butter cookies, ate the rest I'm such a pig (oink) lol. Can't help it I love to bake especially around the holidays. 1F603.png&key=0f4f7e67619830b0634b6f42dd


I know its not cookies but I woke up this morning and I was craving for homemade pancakes. OMG it was the most fluffiest pancakes that I ever made. It deserves to be in a 5 star hotel (lol) its that good. I'm such a pig (lol)

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