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A month ago I told the whole world that I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 and received a lot of advice from people on the Internet, some I know and some I didn’t. Everyone meant well and I read all that was said and the majority told me NO MORE CARROT CAKE--actually no more carrot cake the way I ate it--all at one time.
I started a new medicine--metformin--2 pills a day--that brought the amount of medicines I was taking to 14 a day! Heck how would I find time to eat anything let alone a whole carrot cake? In any case I have carried on as usual and--one of the temporary side effects of the medicine was losing weight--I lost 6 pounds this past month.
Got up the other morning and there was a knock on my door but by the time I got there whoever knocked was gone. I looked down and there was a box which I picked up and as I was walking to the table I noticed the return address was Zest of Memphis. If you have never heard of them they make the best pastries, especially brownies, in the whole world!! Order some for yourself and you will know what I am talking about! For a moment--because the box was heavy I thought, “CARROT CAKE!” but then I remembered though they make it they don’t ship it.
When I got the box out of the bigger box I read the inscription “Merry Christmas from Chuck and Terry” and right next to it were the list of the 5 different type of brownies enclosed, 5 of each: 1) Turtle Brownie 2) Vanilla Almond Brownie 3) Peanut Fudge Brownie 4) Cashew Fudge Brownie and 5) Praline Brownie.
After tasting a few I sat down and wrote the following Thank You card:
Dear Chuck and Terry,
It’s not going to do you any good. I get diagnosed with diabetes and you send me 25 brownies--I already spent your inheritance!
Did they think I didn’t know what they were up to?! Actually they know me better than that--that I spend my money before I get it so there is no inheritance BUT for anyone who wants to be remembered in my Will feel free to send me anything from Zest of Memphis!

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