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Cupid's Valentine Forum Post

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Hey guys, here's where you can find further info and post any questions about Cupid's functionality this Valentine's Day. Cupid won't fire? Let us know! Have a question that's not on the list below.. tell us!

Q. Where can I find Cupid?
A. Cupid can be found by visiting someone's profile who you like the look of!

Q. How much does it cost to send an arrow?
A. 500 points.

Q. What if I don't have enough points to send an arrow?
A. The easiest way to get more points is to be more active on the site. We've included a breakdown about how this works on the points page. You can also earn more points by completing your profile (if it's not complete already that is!)

Q. I don't want to wait to send more arrows.
A. That's cool, there's the facility to buy more points at the bottom of the points page. Don't forget that if you purchase points you can also use your points to upgrade to either Premium or VIP membership.


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