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Hey! Us kids want Love too!! - Looking for LOVE!!!

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So many adults, from my prospective, always tell teenagers, "Oh, but your too young to actually know what love is, you should wait a little longer, and then you'll truly develop the meaning of 'Love'".

Oh hell no. I get that some teenagers are really ignorant and confuses love with lust half the time, but i'm not one of them... I actually want love. I actually want someone to hold, someone to talk to, someone that can help me walk up in the morning everyday and be happy regardless of the bad happenings. I want love, like many of you people. And I'd do anything to be able to feel that way towards another human being.

-P.S, i'm not DESPERATE. I don't want to be spammed by like, old men messaging me and asking me where i live... Believe me, that has happened already &gt.&gt


well, all i can say is when the time is right you will got it, just wish all the best will come to you !


I agree with Tan Shao. Just be patient, stop looking for love and relax. Love has a strange way of finding you when you least expect it. Give yourself time. It gets better :-) love people and love will come to you. What you give or do to others will come back to you 100 percent more.
love Rich :-)

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