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I'M BOUT TO POP!!!!!! - Love and Romance

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I always wondering in each relationship starts "normal" until the person says, "what do you think of marriage and children?" Now i don't object to family life i jus wandering is this 4real or a trick question cuz in my perspective the person is jus testin to see how serious i am. I really get tired of meaningless quizzes especially if the person is not doing anything but talking about it. For me to settle down means that i finally give in cuz someone caught and defeated me (yeah its that serious lol)
I guess people want to see what they wanna see in you even though what they see isn't true and a result of their imagination. If you got someone good don't push them away if your afraid of losing them to people that doesn't exist.
I am a result of that!
She push/pull @ me because she was afraid of losing me and in the end I couldn't deal with it anymore, it was to a point i didn't know what i was defending anymore; myself, her, a relationship that was not given a chance to grow
So as an insult to *** she broke up with me, i couldn't even fight back, i was through I didnt care for the reason but she said she still loves me,really?
-who needs enemies when this shit is goin on-

I felt defeated and *** for the first time in awhile! (Yeah I lost but im not losing it)
I'm like, "what the hell was that all about ? Why get me on a family life level and you too scare to take that leap you brought it up and i agree to it was i suppose to say no maybe i should of but im not about bullshit"
-Talk really is CHEAP!-

A chain of events of happen after that life, lose, even death (my lil dog Chico was killed by a neighbor's Pit/mixed) R.I.P little buddy.
Stuff like this would make someone jus lose it but that someone is not ME! I put things in perspective, I could be just rage against the machine or hone in on my abilities. What makes me "pop" is living even though times are tough and ridiculous I gotta live, i'm sorry things didn't work out but I gain a better understanding bout this thing call Love its not always 50/50 and its not alway pleasant but I'm bout to POP cuz I'll go search for it again maybe i'm crazy lol but im not a quitter.
-Fool don't knw how to stay down-

A week later she came by my house and apologize for being a bitch
(whateva if i had balls(lol) she would be stomping them in stilettos)
gave me sum really awesome sex (the sweaty kind)and ask me to take her back, I kindly said no. I'm over that and not looking for anyone giving me mixed signals.
- ur X is an assassin now what'cha gonna do my ninja?-

Of course she tired to change my mind gifts and stuffs
(mental note to self stop having sex with her you knw what she doin)
See how things jus flip i got my head on straight btw, you knw how it goes u break up with someone but the bedroom is hotter than ever!
-You like playing with fire-

Imma end this fantasy affair with her before she think she got me again, but for now imma get my licks in for the last time.
-Have fun while it last chica-

Well im finish poppin off, i hope this inspire, make you think, hope for tomorrow, or whateva u feel when u read this! Just because things end does not mean you have to stop continue writting ur chapters for yourself and remember there is always goin to be more than one love in ur life keep goin til you stop at the last one!
-One life to life so be grateful and live-

Peace,Love,and Smiles
aka Romeo's Girl


Beautifully written with pure honesty from the heart. Love it! ^_^

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