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WARNING - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Hi all, I just rescently found out through decisive testing that quit a few of the people who have been contacting others including myself here on or through Gays.com are in fact BOTS. You know how you can tell? Pay close attention to their expressed wants and to where they are from and to what they do for a living these are so called people that want to IM you on Yahoo. In my case i found about 6 or 7 BOTS.
What is a BOT you might ask! A BOT is a computor generated personality created by either a computor or a sick minded human being who cannot be real even if his or her life depended upon it.
So ya, there are apperantly alot of BOTS being created just to play games with peoples emotion on this site. My suggestion, (now this is just a suggestion) is that when they ask you to go to an alternate site to talk, don`t do that. this is their way of throwing spam and other noxious crap at you and they may even be able to crash your computor for you. I am in hopes that Gays.com will weed out the BOTS unless they are the ones actually creating these BOTS. I have not been affected by them yet, but now i know what to look for , and hey this is a site i thought that would be good for finding and making new friends from across the globe but who knows who is real and who is fake!
Well actually, no one really knows, but i have found through trial and error what not to do when asked.Do`nt let them cause you to devert from this site. If they ask you to IM somewhere else they are more than likely BOTS.

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