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Oh gosh; I hate love. - Love and Romance

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So it is really hard for me to like a girl enough for her to hurt me if we get together, but there's this girl at my school who I really dig on, like, alot.
The problem here is I can tell that she likes my best friend, and today my best friend told me she likes her.
It's not like that girl would ever like ME anyways, I'm kind of a jackass.
It's not like my friend would date her since I like her so much (or would she?)

I don't even know why I feel like shit.
But I either want to cry or vomit...


wow that's really tough, you may want to talk to your friend about your feelings if she's really your friend i don't think she should date the girl you like, don't put yourself down, what is FML, defenitely cry


You know Victoria, not everyone you will like, will like you in the same way too. The person may not be right for you. If the feelings for your friend and her are mutual, then may be you should allow them to flourish in a relationship (or whatever they choose).
never put yourself down. YOU ARE NOT A JACKASS.
In its due time, you will find love....BELIEVE!!!

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