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gay boy lookin for boy/trans - Looking for LOVE!!!


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hi guys, well i'm lookiin for somene to love me. someone near the La Vergne/Nashville TN area. i've been alone most of my life and well, all the guys i've been with have hurt me. they all cheated on me with someone else (both male and female..) and i'm just looking for someone who has a faithful heart. and well a big dick doesn't hurt lol

I'm lookin for someone male or male to female (who still has their uhm.. yknow? eheh yeah). age doesn't matter to me really, young or middle aged as long as you love me


Matthew Ballinger, First, believe in your self don't look back, the only reasons to look back at the past is to FORGIVE and to learn how to know what not to fall for again. You Need to FORGIVE, ALL that have hurt you in the past.

Next DON'T rush in to any thing ( NO SEX) till you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING. after you give him what he wants he has won you. When he wants he knows that he can get it from you because you gave it up so easy.

YOU ARE A FEELER, So you need to learn not to let him/anyone know that you even care about . . . . . . till you know that you have him as a lover not sex player.

Know this The only reason I am saying this is I am here and you are there.
other wise I would get in have what I want and then . . . . . . . only come back for one thing.


Well put, Al! Stick to men Matthew. Most transsexuals I've met are really fucked up. Most only wish to have tits and keep their dicks, thus making them a chick with a dick. In the gay world, they're mostly looked at as freaks. They don't want the change. So, why even bother to put your own body through such *** (growing tits ain't a walk in the park and is very ***ful too). My tranny friends have all crossed over into the world of living their lives as women! They wanted the change and were ever so glad to save up and get what they wanted. They don't look like something a dog threw up or shit out. They remained focused. As for looking? Whoa hold up here dude. When you look, you'll never find. Stop looking and it will find you. Then you play baseball. I'm sure you can recall that game from high school but also used when dating. Some (not all) gay men have one track minds. How one performs between the sheets is one thing but, what about above those sheets? Ah, that's the kicker. Nothing in common but hot sex? Boring. This is a good combination for a failing relationship.

Establish a common ground first. Build a foundation. When you do finally get to do the nasty, it will be special and not sporadic.

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