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First love - Looking for LOVE!!!


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hi boys Do u remember ur first love maybe it makes u sweet i don't know but i want to know
when u develop a sense of extraordinary closeness with honey guy ,wow falling in love then kiss


yes i know and it was great .... thank to him he taught me will

1( how to swallow cum and like
2) how to suck a cock
3) how to love it
4) how to love my self
5)how to get fuck in my ass an love it
6) howwto suck his ball
7) how to lick his as an love
8)how to put my tonger in his ass
9) how i was to clea his ass an his ball an like
0) and how to love him that what he did for me


Is that ugly old bitch crazy? Or it is just my perception? I guess Zeber was talking about TRUE LOVE, SWEETNESS and sense of CLOSENESS with another guy... and then there comes that UGLY OLD GROSS FART with all 'her' dirtiness in details NOBODY asked for! Just DISGUSTING and CHEAP!!! "She" is GROTESQUE!!!

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