Personal details

Gender Male
Age 28
Status Single
Orientation Bisexual
Personality Romantic
Religion Catholic
Zodiac sign Libra

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:


sylins havr taken my voice,sadness has coverd my syt,screams deafed me but my heart had spoken da beats dat keeps me brethng da venomous wind. trace my soul,raise my coffin bring out da knife and take out my lyf(
♣Nick Name : FUJI
♣ Birthdate :10-22-90
♣ Birthplace:Malolos
♣Current Location:Malolos
♣Eye Color:black
♣Hair Color:black
♣Boyfriend/Girlfriend:i do have


♣ Food: japanese food
♣Candy:yakee/cry baby
♣ Number: 18
♣ Color: black
♣Animal: horse
♣Drink: water
♣Perfume: RL
♣TV Show: Amazing Race/Survivor
♣Music Album: Twisted Angel
♣Movie: Final Destination Trilogy
♣Actor/Actress: Ashton Kutcher

This or That

♣ Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
♣McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDo
♣Chocolate or Vanilla: Choco
♣Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot C.
♣Kiss or Hug: Kiss
♣Dog or Cat: Dog
♣Rap or Punk: Punk
♣Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scary
♣ Love or Money: Love


♣ Best phyiscal feature: nose
♣First Thought Waking Up: God
♣Ambition: to b part of a relity show
♣Best Friends: dami
♣Weakness: to b rejected
♣Fears: fireworks
♣Longest relationship: 6 mo.


♣Cheated Your Partner: never
♣ Ever been beaten up: never
♣ Ever beaten someone up: never
♣Ev gives you…

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