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qouestion: can it really be different this time around? - Love and Romance

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Is it true that a person can really change if they've left, comes back over & over again? What r ur thoughts on that?


I believe people can come to an understanding of whatever they did might've been wrong or the incorrect way of going about things, but mostly it takes a long time for someone to change and normally it just doesn't happen for a long period of time, they shift back to how they were before cause that's them and that's how they're more comfortable.


i was just in a relationship like that. i loved this boy mor than anyone could ever imagine. when we made love my best friend [of the male gender] said that he could actually see me glowing. i would give up ever breath to see him smile. but there was anothe before me. he had dated her for a while and broke up with er the first time we kissed so that he could be with me although i did not know that until wayyy later. our relationship was one hell of a rollercoaster, with him and her and me, break ups, getting back together, the heartbreak and they tears. then for christmas, i knew he was seeing her again, but still i gave him the present i had worked so hard on and the most sincere not of my life for just a hug and a thank you and to later find out he was dating her again. it hurt so bad, like a thousand knives plunging deep into my heart, ripping it open adn throwing it around. it has been going back and forth for monnths and i realized that things would never change, it w ould always be a back and forth battle, i loved him but i had to get out. and now that i have i feel so much better even though it hurt likehell to take that first step. some people can change, but chances are they never do.