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it was just this time last year when i was with a girl i fell in love with back in high school. we were good for a couple months and then she broke up with me making a big scene and now i come to find out that shes getting married in a couple days. i havent been able to get into another relationship since and been finding it hard to let go. any suggestions??


In my opinion, theres only two ways to fall out of love and they are love itself or hate... Hate can't be forced because the harder you try to hate someone, the more you love them, but you can open yourself up to falling in love with someone else just by going out there and testing the waters. You dont have to jump into a serious relationship again, but just let someone in as much as you are comfortable with, and eventually, you will find that you're not thinking about your ex anymore...


I agree with Kirsty; It's also better to not go with Hate because it really wears on you. This new path will be hard enough. Why add more strain? It'll be frustrating and there might be times you want to give up but she's made her decisions and the only person's actions and thoughts you control are your own. So just live it up, Sarah. Stop stressing over what isn't and start paying attention to yourself and what you're doing right now.


Is she marrying a woman or a man? if it is a man then she has decided to make and have a different life. If it is a woman ( some states here allow same sex marriages) then you need to close the book on this relationship and have fond memories. You still have love for her even though she hurt you but that makes you a beautiful soul and her more shallow. Don't waste your time. Find someone who understands you better and is accepting and loves you unconditionally.
LIfe is too short to wish for things we cannot have. We all must learn to accept things that we cannot change and learn to know the things we can.
You sound like your obsessing a little bit about her. I still think of a woman I would have been compatible with many years ago but she made a choice to have a straight life. I chose a different road and now I still search for someone who can accept me and I , them for who they are. All I want is honesty, consideration, and loyalty with unconditional love. It may be a tall order but I learned not to think of what could have been. I think of what I can possibly find.
Good LUck!


I feel your pain Sarah,
I left my ex of 26 years 6 yrs ago it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, we had a son together I stayed and raised my son, it wasn't until I moved here to New York that my Uncle told me that she was seeing our son's Godfather until he died 10 yrs ago. It's not easy but life goes on, Maybe this is God's way of telling you this person isn't the one for you.