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Why dont they say anything???????? - Love and Romance

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i think my mom knows im gay. see, i haven't come out yet to my family, its just my friends who know... and im not ready to be out and proud to my family either... but anyway back to the topic.

i think my mom and several family(cousins/siblings) members are aware that i might be gay or "something" . and the thing that annoys me most is the fact that no one has said anything. even after i had left my p.c open with weird gay staff... she didn't ask or even acknowledge it. even when i dress like a boy, most of the time... my mom just shrugs or gimme an eyes but never utters out her thoughts... its frustrating... i know i am never going to mouth it out... so its either they ask and know or pretend to be ignorant and just live in this invisible blob of lies.

i just want them to save me from having to say it.. because im definitely sure that i am never going to say it.


my bad. clicked a few times and ... well. .. ignore the other two


yes i am the same
i can not ''come out'' to my mom and sids
my moms dying and my sister is not a very understanding girl she has ''ms'' and dontask shes well very very srtraight
so i can understand i had my bday party here on mon and only had my ''straight'' friends here
later on the ''otherr'' crowd was here
thats the way it is i feel likje i have 2 lives


my sister freakedout becausei washaving a affair with a ''married man''
can u imagine if she knew i loved women also
god help us all lol
kis4u k


maybe they do know but not yet to have it confirmed. y do they have to say anything if u r not. mayb they feel the same way u feel. leaving ur comp on mayb they d c it but feels that they are not ready to deal with it. they love u but yet not ready to face it (u). you must put urslf in their shoes maybe their waiting for u to tell them and again maybe their not ready to have it confirm.


evette... been thinking the same thing... but its an impossible mission for me. i cant come out. my family wont except it.


Karen you are not alone on that one. im straight at home and with family, the minute i walk out the door im the gayest person ever... i guess ill just have to live with it. for now


She might simply be waiting for you to say it out loud if they might already know.


yep vee
2 different worlds
y dont u come over this wknd and we will shoot the sht lol
xo k
love these groups they help so much they really do to know ur not the only one thats going thru all this stuff
xoxo k


I'm out to my family, I have been for about 3 years now. When I came out my mum and sister both said they had known for years. I guess even if they do know it's a bit hard to just bring up because what if your not or what you don't know yet and you take it the wrOng way. I'm sure that will be what your family are thinking. I wrote my mum a letter telling her first then asked her to just spread it around the family when I was ready for everyone to know. I wasn't ready to talk about it but I did know that I wanted everyone to at least know so a letter was the best way for me it was less awkward for me and for my mum. Hope you figure it out soon good luck! x


karen... if i was in america ii wouldv loved the company :P x

@ Chrystelle maybe. people keep saying that. so maybe thats y.. and

@ angela.. glad you had the courage to come out. a letter... hmm... might try that one, when ive moved out and live 80 000 miles away. im just so afraid