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Gay Apps Make Our World Smaller In A Bad Way

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I remember when I tried the internet for the first time back in late 1990s. It was still brand new technology and the speed sucked big time. Yet, during that time, I made A LOT of gay friends from abroad. It helped because I wrote many gay sex stories in English. For me, a gay man in Indonesia, it opened up my world to many possibilities of finding love. You see, gay men in Indonesia mostly have high standards (too unrealistically high) and they only want to fuck. So internet was a blessing for me. But time has changed for the worse. Now, with gay apps, you can find men to fuck near you. I no longer have any white men to chat with. It makes me isolated to my country. I feel so depressed. Yes true I can find some men to fuck me locally but I can find no love.  But it's impossible to happen with gay apps everywhere. Internet makes the world smaller but it also isolates us :(

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Glad to read your post here. I am new to the community and the internet as well. I recently started using dating app in order to dating purposes.  How many of you using this kind of apps? Actually I don't have enough time to visit the websites.  Hope to get this one. Thank you!