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Looking for guy from my past

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Recently I went back to Reno to visit.  It brought back memories of 20 years ago.  Specifically memories of Alfred.  A cute 20 y/o El Salvador transplant.  We had a good thing for about a year in '94 and '95, until he realized the effect he had on men ten or more years older, like me.  Then he started playing around.  He still had me, though, I would always come running.

in '97 I met someone else and we moved away, and we're still together.  We went back I '98 or '99 and we saw Alfred dancing at visions night club.  We talked for a few minutes and I haven't seen or heard from him since.  

Maybe I'm just having a mid life crisis or something.  He has crossed my mind a few times throughout the years, but, wow, he's driving me nuts for the last month.  I can't find him online anywhere.

I'm really close to hiring an investigator.  If anyone knows a Jose Alfredo Gutierrez, that was in Reno (might still be) please let me know.  

Or at least tell me I'm being stupid.

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