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Do You Remeber the Last Time You Did Something Romantic for Your Baby? - Love and Romance

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Man I had some great ones but that's me naturally I love to make that special someone smile. I remember I was dating a special lady and we made arrangements for a get away weekend in Atlanta one year for our first year anniverisary. Well long story short she had to work (cause when your a doctor your always on call) so she was devasted but I always have a back up plan just in case. So I called her roommate and told her the situation and she agree to help me make this all happen! Got some flowers (white and red roses of course) and my two friends. We planned a romantic dinner at my house all deck out in candles and petals everywhere (took me two days to get my house straight lol). Got her roommate to drop off some of her things to my place earlier (she's a doll). Knew she got off from work at 12am so me and my crew waited for her to come out. It was cold that year but I didn't mind. Once she came out finally I started to sing her favorite song to her, you remember Beatiful by "Tweet" my crew back me up (i love them guys) told her it didn't matter if we couldn't go, I love you anywhere that we are! Yeah it was sweet amazing I pulled that off in a half a day but it was worth it to cheer her up and to see her smile. I don't need to explain the rest you can pretty much figure it out what happen next lol. So when is the last time you did something romantic for your baby? Can't remember well maybe its time to light that fire. From one Romeo to another.


Awww that was cute... But I cant remember last time I did something for my baby... Gotta make things right then.. Problem is we used to live in Hawaii but I moved to NC n she moved to GA... Sooo is gonna be a lil difficult..


Hey Katie I just thought of something, tried this if ya like! Whenever the two of you got some free time meet each other half way and chill in SC for a sweet getaway! Either Columbia or Charleston would be nice! I say the metro area in Columbia is better like 5 Points area but that's because I live in Charleston, I basically seen just about everything in my laid back city not knocking my hometown lol but if you like the beach then a stroll on Folly Beach is a good quiet night spot to get your sweet on! Just a thought Romeo marinate on that! Peace


I used to live in Columbia lol but thats a good idea cuz is 6 hrs to GA n only like 1 n a half to Columbia soo is perfect for me n for her well that too lol maybe for new years then.. Thanks!! :-)


When I'm with someone I don't think their is a moment I'm happier than when the bright, radiant smile on their face is because of me. My most recent act of "please don't be sad " was actually performed for my ex girlfriend. She had broken up with me for a few different reasons one being her BF. Well not long after breaking up with me, her BF breaks up with her and shes all sad and depressed. So I decided to cheer her up. It was almost christmas so I teased her about what I was getting her for Christmas. So I walk into school monday and pull out a really big Pokemon Ball, go down on one knee and i "proposed" to her with the bracelet I got her for Christmas. It wasn't a real proposal and she knew that but it didn't matter she was so suprised and happy. Later in our 6th period class I stood up and asked if I could make an announcement. I reenacted my proposal once more. (( mainly because we were talking about how I had the guts to do it. Which obviously I did.))

That was an awesome day.