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Does Size Matter?

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So, you’re online having a browse at other guys and you decide to filter your results - what goes through your head? Is it important that you only see guys in your search results that are either L, XL or XXL? As well as cock size, does it matter if your next date or hook up is cut or uncut? Or does a nice face and a witty profile description do it for you?

Not that we at Gays.com are ones to pry, but it’s interesting to us as to how you filter your search results - whatever you’re looking for. Lots of you get in touch with each other in a number of ways; either in the forums, direct contact or via Speed Dating, but we’d love to hear from you about how you search and select guys - what’s important to you and what’s not.

Put it this way, if a guy has a gorgeous face but has stated M for his dick size, would that turn you off? Or if someone hits you up with a photo of his cock, does it motivate you or do move along? Also what kind of photos do it for you? smiley faces, chest shots or something more sexual?

Leave your comments below or if you want to contact me directly, email me at mark@gays.com

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I must admit in the past if I was horny and looking for a quick hook-up I have filtered dick size to L or XL! Well, it's good if you know what you want and don't want to be disappointed! But, when it comes to searching for a guy for something more, I think taking in the whole package (no pun intended) is a must: definitely face pics - never meet without them!


For me, I'd rather see what a guy's face looks like as if their face appeals to me, I'm more likely to view their profile and consider talking to them. If their main pic is of a penis or headless torso, I move on as to me it says their body or penis is the only way they're able to spark a person's interest. I know some people use fake profile photos for whatever reason, but I'd still rather see a face.


I don't judge lol, just look at ME! I am in no position to judge people


For me attraction starts with the face and then moves to the build. As above, if the only pic showing was a cock pick, I would probably move on.
Fit, athletic or slim build would attract me as I am an outdoorsy person, and would keenly want someone o share interests with...
Facial hair would kill it for me, as would smoking. But size...I met a guy with what must have been 12 inches once. It was ginormous. LUCKILY he was seeing someone, and we were all at a house party and I was sharing a bed with him, so nothing happened.
Anything more than a mouthful is a waste in my view, being predominantly vanilla outside of a relationship.
Witty, well filled out and interesting profile is a must.


i dont judge people for size, i think size shouldn't matter

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Tell how to enlarge penis size..??


I don't care about size.  A big dick doesn't mean good sex. I'm about hot,  sweaty,  passionate sex.  


 I’ll take any cock size but There is nothing like the feeling of that massive XL cock  stretching your hole


Any one in vietnam?pm me



It is not an issue.. Seriously


I just like a guy to have a bigger cock than mine, but most all do. Quite a few guys have told me they like small dicks like mine. The contrast is really hot.


I'm also a total bottom so my dick doesn't do any fucking. I think there is more pressure on tops. Tho I have come across a few guys who like small endowed tops. But usually guys who are into small are looking for bottoms.

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