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My dreams seem to have been smashed to pieces... - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I have lost the only thing that mattered in my life I think and am now thinking of becoming a nobody again. I can't eat, sleep, stop thinking about him. It has been about 36 hours since I heard from him. Does anybody have anything positive to say about that. I don't want to keep crying. Im tired of doing that so the next best thing for me to do is build a wall around my heart where I can love but it will be hard to let love in.unless I trust you completely which will take some time and all. If anybody is interested in a great guy then let me know or I am giving up on love I have had too many promises made to me.Actually think I will do better than that I will say good byeto gays.com cause of the memories I thought I once had thought come true but now I don't know any more I thank all of you who beriended me I might be back at some other point in time when I am truly over this thanks again my friends.


you will have many BF the right one will come along, I've been single for 4 yrs now and havent found the one but I'm fine with it. Its a part of life


U will find the one when u can get use to loneliness.