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hey guys - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys, my name is Bruce. Im a gay guy, who isnt out properly yet, and would like to meet guys for whatever that comes my way. I love to suck cocks and balls, also into rimming, fingering. Im also up for relationships, or friendships, or one offs, if ur interested to chat or whatever, just message me etc. Im new on here, so would love to make friends as well.


Hey Bruce...join the club of "not outs"....been that way for 48 yrs...married, nsa with guys in my city...1-3 times a weeek...all from Manhunt, linkinggays, or craigslist...i am absoultely possessed by this nsa fun....but have not enjoyed my wife for several years....completely love her, never want to hurt her, but have a insatiable need for guy sex...every day....so, ya chat me anytime....Dave.


Hi Bruce, Welcome. I was in your situation 8 yrs ago when I finally decided I was tired of living a lie and came out, there was fallout from some in my family but my kids, ex wife and friends were all very supportive. If you need suggestions or just want to meet for coffee and talk hit me up and we will make it a date, if we are close to each other...LOL
welcome to the group and to coming out.... its a great freeing experience.


Bruce welcome to the group and the site...If you need help on the site you can message me ...I am with the meet & greet team....