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first time anal your experience good or bad - Looking for LOVE!!!

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as a gay man i aint ashamed to admit that i have got to suck plentey of cock gorwing up asa yong man over the years to be honest though i have never actually experience anal sex either way fucking or beng fucked inthe ass for that matter.

\i guess that would make me a virgin in a way but i do want to go for it someday though if i can ever find me the right guy to share my life with

needless to sya i am incredibly curiouse on the matter

so whats it like taking a cock on the ass on the first time is it painful pleasruable or what?


for te first time it is possible painful but when you love eath other te pain wil go and wil do careful


start by using fingers or small dildo, use plenty of lube, and be sure to relax, its more pressure than pain, and go for longer cocks, the deeper u get penetrated, the better it feels, but thick ones can hurt, but its sooooo worth the first few times, once u get broke in, you will love it!!! doggie style is best, especially for a newbie


i not like it at first time, it did hurt , i not in to it so much still , but if there little cool, i in to oral so

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