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Chapter 1. My first time. I had just turned 16 I knew I was different but didn't want to believe it, I was going to the Bridgwater fair where I would meet up with my mates. It was 5.30 in the evening and no one was meeting until 7 so I went on my computer to the web site I used every day, it was a gay teen site where you could talk to friends. When I signed on there was the guy I had been chatting to for weeks he was 17. "Hi David I said" "Hay Steven at last I was going to say I am going to the fair in Bridgwater tonight". Oh my god I thought "So am I" I said but inside I was really scared, what if we meet up I thought oh god, although I new I was gay I had never been with another guy. "Do you want to meet up with me" David said. God what do I say my heart was racing. "Yes that would be great" I said but inside my stomach was churning. "Brill we have seen each other on cam but never in real life" he said "Well I will be there at 7pm with my mates so do you want to meet at the entrance"

I was worried about my mates finding out I was gay, what the hell can I do? "Yes that would be cool I will be there at 7pm but I thought your mates didn't know you are gay?" "They don't never thought of that" I said "I still want to meet though" There was a long silence then he said " Look ok I will be there but if you don't want your mates to know then just walk on past or pretend I am your cousin if you want" I thought that was brill, ace idea " Yes " I said " I will say you are my cousin " "I am happy with that, so I will be your cousin Dave for the night" he laughed "but will we spend anytime together on our own?" he said "yes I said we should do" oh god my heart was racing again what if he wants to do something, and what will we do oh god I want to but I'm scared I thought. "Cool" he said " I can't wait I really like our chats and I want to meet with you" "Nor can I" I said "look I have to go now David and get ready I will see you at 7pm" "Ok babe" he said "Can't wait either, I am going to get ready especially for you babe" he said. Then he signed off.

Oh my god! I thought what am I going to do I love the hell out of him but to meet with him is scaring me to death. What if he wants to have sex or anything else? I want to but it would be my first time. By 6pm I was Bathed, dressed and smelt like a aftershave factory, I am so nervous what am I going to do for an hour?  I must admit I was spending almost all my time with a hard on thinking of what we could do with each other. Then I thought omg what if I'm not big enough for him I am only 6" hard oh god what shall I do? I can remember him saying he was 7" and I didn't know he lived so close to me. Oh I'm not thinking of it I'm just going and if he doesn't like me well tough. I got to my mates house to find he was grounded, great I thought now what do I do? Well I'm still going I thought, so I walked to the fair.

When I got to the entrance of the fair I was shaking, then I could see him by the side looking around, he looked really nice then he saw me he came straight over and gave me a hug, "Where's your friends" he said " They are not coming we are alone" I said. He smiled "Well lets go to the fair then" We walked in I couldn't stop looking at him he was only about 2 inches taller than me, blonde hair blue eyes wow he is so sexy. We played a few games and went on some rides. Then he said "lets get a drink" We walked over to the edge of the fair and got a drink, he went between the burger vans and called me over. I walked over and he just kissed me. Wow it felt so good it was my first time I had been kissed like that, "I wanted to do that all night" he said, I smiled and went closer to him he put his arms around me and kissed me again, I could feel my cock getting bigger in my jeans, then his hand rubbed against my cock, it felt so good I felt his ass oh god this was great, he started to undo my flies shit he had hold of me I could feel myself getting so hard I loved it.

He suddenly stopped looked at me then around us then he went on his knees, oh god he was sucking me my first time too oh god I don't want to cum this is great, he was doing it so slow but driving me wild.just as I thought I was going to cum in his mouth he stopped stood up and said "Go on suck me" he was undoing his jeans I looked around no one there, I knelt down omg it was massive but I had to do it I took it in my mouth it felt great I sucked slow then faster as I really got turned on by this he was semi fucking my mouth as well felt so good then I could taste some pre- cum he pushed me away and pulled me up kissing me hard " I want to taste your cum" he said he got back on his knees sucking and wanking me at the same time shit I am going to cum I could feel it "Oh god" I said " I'm going to cum" he got faster yes I am cuming I pumped once, twice, three times and he still sucking me it's great four times and five now. He stopped and looked at me " That was fucking great" he said I couldn't even talk, it was great I sat down he stood in front and dropped his trousers and pants wow he was so fit although I was knackered I had to make him cum, so I wanked and sucked as he did me he was already wet on his cock I took him as deep as I could he was fucking my mouth as well I almost gagged but I could taste him, he made a notice oh shit he cum in my mouth once, twice, I had to pull away so much cum I kept wanking him, it went in my hair and face. This was fab this was the first time I had seen anyone else's cock hard or seen cum. He just held me afterwords, it felt so good he kissed me softly and said "God you are so horny" I was speechless. We got dressed and he put his arm around me and we walked back to the fair. "I never want this day to end" I said, "Do you think this is our last time we do this do you, this is just the beginning" he said and boy was he not kidding, but that is a story for another day xx  


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