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Looking for love. Yes, really!

I have an amazingly positive attitude concerning my health; more-so because I've had HIV/AIDS for 2/3rd's of my life (I sero-converted in 1979, in San Francisco) and am still going strong. I have a bit of PTSD. I lost there sets of friends: NYC; SF; and NYC again. I spend my days writing and would pay for my limited graciousness with my friends (if I had any) while still trying to live on SSDI. I am a creative sort, after all...! I write fiction in all formats: short stories; novellas; novels; Horror, Horror, Horror; Dark Fiction; Sci-Fi; Gay; Historical Literature; Magical-Realism Fiction…various. I have a 8-year old dog and a 17 y.o. feral cat. I like how that damn'd dawg finds ways to play "Stomp the Cat", and visa versa. Seattle is a hard city for PWA and someone on SSDI, but I would like to be in a loving relationship again with a Poz, H/WP man; a man with an equal variety of interests and intelligence. I don't need anyone to ‘complete' me.' I'm NOT looking to date someone older or too much younger. I'm sorry if that offends; not my intention; I just want clarity in my 'likes.' You ‘must' have a handle on you OWN problems, and NOT just hand it over to me; I've got enough of my own stuffed in the dungeon downstairs, right behind the boiler. I do NOT want a part-time partner who fits their emotional life in and around their professional life (been there, done that), but someone who has their own interests that may cross into mine, but not necessarily ALL of them. I've been living as a SGM for long enough to develop my own interests...It's all part of one large puzzle with intricate pieces. Looking for someone I can wake up in bed with - even if we did not have sex (of any kind) and be glad I'm with him. I'm really a Renaissance Man: a Romantic (in all the ways that is a good thing); very creative; and I like a man who knows what the word "monogamy" means when he's in a relationship. Then: Look me square in the eye and you'll see all you EVER need to see

Looking for love. Yes, really!

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