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Teenage Life of Mine - Poetry Group

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i'm dragging myself to the station
at the time of 6.45pm
why am i doing this to myself
i've been wondering
why would i choose to walk on this path as a teenager
i should just stay laid back
having fun in college
not getting employed
tiring myself from in to out
stressing over matters
getting shouts from manager
why would i choose this path
the highway to the adults world
is this the right choice ?

yes is what i heard from my heart

cause i want to bring my dream into the reality
that's why it's a right path for me
even though
everyone disagree
for what i've choose for myself

i know i am right
i'll prove that i am


Carmen awesome I can feel your pain


carmen, awesome i can feel your pain


thanks...nobody in my age seem to understand what i am doing that's sad but i still have to go on even though i am alone in this journey...

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