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Would you date a FTM (female to male) transgender guy?

Would you date a FTM (female to male) transgender guy?  

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  1. 1. Would you date a FTM (female to male) transgender guy?

    • Yes, why not? I'm open to everybody and everything! Love is love...
    • Yes, if he was post-op and had a penis, why not?
    • No: if he was pre-op, I think it might be a problem... I like dick too much
    • No: the idea of dating someone transgender is not appealing to me
    • Not sure... I've not had much experience with transgender people before

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As International Transgender Day of Visibility is coming up (31 March), we're really interested to know your experience with the T in LGBT. If you met a guy you liked and then found out he was transgender, would you still pursue the relationship? Pick the answer which is best for you and yep, the answers are anonymous




Absolutely I would date a man that was a FTM (female to male) of course. Of course he would have to want a serious Lover relationship and not just a sexual relationship, because if it’s just for sex than no. I know that an FTM would probably be an amazing Lover for me, appreciating everything about me, and treating me the way I wish to be treated. That would be not only amazing but fun and exciting. All the qualities of his female gender with all the qualities of his male gender, would suit me just perfect I’m sure. But now he can’t want to go clubbing and bar hopping all the time, he must want to only be with me, I’m more exciting than all that, and I have all the music in my home. We can dance together, we can drink out in the night, walk on my beautiful land, and have talks that are never ending, ending with romance and love and a good snuggly sleep. Mmmmm, sounds wonderful but probably to good to be true anyway. Thanks for sharing anyway.

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