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Long distance relationships ?? - Lesbian Ladies

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Is it a Yes or a No? ....
Good && Bad experiences? ...
Would you do again? ...
Why wouldnt you do it? ....


Yes and no. Most of it's good I would do it again I guess.Idk I think it depends on the person


I would say yes,& no,but if i have 2 do it again i would do it if we both meet half way!


yes. ive done it. and.... its jsut tooo painfull, anoying. and you never know if they are being loyal. would i do it again. i do not think so. ive had enough of it. why cant it just be easy? xD xo


i think they are good if you get too see them an talk too them but they are hard too maintain. i was in a long distance for five months and me and her just broke up. i would do it again, but they are hard


Yes, my best relationship was long distance almost 2 years long, we never managed to meet up because she was in america and im in the uk, but we would right to each other and talk online. Trust is a big part of long distance. The only reason were not together now was because i broke up with her thinking i had a shot with a girl in my town. Worst mistake i ever made, i just got hurt. Yes i would do it again and i wouldnt make the same mistake again ether xx


c thats what i said 2! so i agree w/ u, baby!


I think they COULD work , but the whole "loyal " thing comes up .. and if they are serious enough to have a Long distance relationship . Like i think to many people play games .. Uhm and then there is that .. well how do i know if this person is what and who they say they are kinda deal what if u get attached ?? Like what do u do then ?? I guess it would be easy to have a long distance relationship if they person was in the same county or state/province .. mehh maybe im jus trippin but yeeah .. i think they are too much work .


I believe a lot has to do with maturity. I have yet to make a LDR work with an American born and raised, but I've seen plenty of TCK's make it work. TCK means Third Culture Kid, refers to those of us who move around different countries due to work [including military, ambassadors, expatriating].

When I was in high school, I knew a kid who I'm gonna call N.G. He's originally American, and lived in about 4 different countries by the time he was in high school. His girlfriend's I'm gonna call S.R., and she was Canadian who grew up mainly in European countries. They met as freshman in high school in China, and started dating. In their sophomore year, her family was relocated to Germany. N.G. and S.R. did not see each other face to face for 3 whole years.

This was completely normal in my old school... if you lived more than 2 years in a country it was considered "long". Kids moved between countries, and continents all the damn time, and sometimes without warning. If you suddenly got the notice you were relocating, you told ur friends, u told ur significant other. Some kids would break up immediately, since u never knew if u would see them ever again. Also, you never knew if a few years down the line u'd unexpectedly reunite in another country [there's been quite a few] and could try again. Others would try LDR, but would have lots of friends who also LDR'ed it and would have advice.

NG and SR eventually applied to the same university in the USA, and both got in. They lived in the dorms their first year, before moving in together their sophomore year. But late sophomore year SR realized that she wasn't in the right major, and was considering transferring to a school in another state. But she didn't want to, because it would mean leaving NG behind again. NG told her, that if he could handle not seeing her for 3 years in another country, he could handle her being in another state and only seeing her on the weekends.

She transfered. 3 years later I just got the notice for their wedding


Yes and No.
I haven't had a bad one yet.
I'm doing it now.


I am in a long distance relationship with my gf: she lives in the Isle of man and I live in Surrey (Far far away!!!) and we are pretty perfect actually. I trust her and she does me, which is a vital part of it being successful. That and the fact we talk most days, and both have to want to make te effort to see it through.

I wouldnt have ever considered it before, but can say honestly; while it is tough at times. It is worth it, if you like them enough :-)



Tried to have a long distance relationship way before I came out. I was in the north of England and he was in France. Managed to hold it together for two years but as soon as we broke up i came out. My best friend and I ended up together because it made me realise life is just too short.

I live in the south now and i'll be honest, anything further than and hour or two away i would consider too long distance for my liking!



I have done long distance several times in the past, and on both occasions found that in the end the pressure of having no physical contact, coupled with the immense amount of trust necessary to not get paranoid ends up pushing the relationship to the point that it stops being totally workable. I do think it depends largely on what kind of person you are though, for example I'm very tactile even with friends and find not being able to even hold the person I'm with very difficult. If that's not as big a concern for you then I would recomend it, as it can be just as emotionally fulfilling as any other relationship. Personally however, I would avoid it.


I've been in a long distance relationship twice. I never had any problems. It is difficult though. It takes alot of trust and communication on both ends, for sure. I'm not a fan of LD relationships though. I used to be, but I would much rather get to go out and do things with your partner than to only talk to them. it's totally a controversial topic

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