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" I love You Tommorrow" another poem about war - Poetry Group

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I wrote this poem below after I spoke to a soldier that had a family and he spoke of what it was like to come back home, only to find he wanted to leave because he did not want to trouble his family with what he had seen. My sister’s husband became an angry man which eventually ended in divorce. But he had problems from his former life that showed its ugly head when he came back from war torn Bosnia.
This is my way to let you know we do understand more than you think and we are there for you if you look and ask for answers to rebuild your life. Some soldiers don’t have a family to come home to
making it harder sometimes. Reach out to your friends and comrades you can identify with you.
Talk or write things out as I know myself from experience keeping things bottled up does not make it any easier. I hope you read this and make some comments.
Thank you for keeping our freedom real!

“I Love You Tomorrow”

Off to war
Leave loved ones behind,
Some alone,
Some with little ones growing,
And Wife not knowing,
All you’re going through,
Until you come home.

Flood your mind,
Of past times gone,
Mixed with bad things of war
Leaving you,
Grinding you teeth,
Until you let go;
Hope was a lost word,
Till you regained your soul.

Sometimes it’s hard,
Dealing with peace in your home,
While raging dreams,
Wake you up,
With tears and sweat,
Sliding down your face.

Some days you can’t talk
As the days go on,
That everything
Will fall into place.

Other days,
You just want to scream,
Then come home,
And work it all out.
The feelings you have,
That no one understands,
War also takes a toll,
On the loved ones,
You left at home.

Bit by bit,
Finding the help that you may need,
Events unfold,
The ugly seed,
Of demons that intercede,
In your peaceful life,
Take heed !

Coming home to a mind
Of confusion,
From defending a foreign land,
And the dreams,
You left behind,
Before you began,
Giving no demand,
To a future you had planned.

Open, Open,
Each door,
Until you have found,
The life you left behind
And the walk you took together,
Will begin to shine,
With patience and understanding
You are not alone.
Bring back the thoughts,
That brought smiles to your face,
Think of past time dreams,
And give them a face.

Love CAN conquer all,
With God,
In your home,
Reach out,
Renew the happiness,
And make it your own.

Building blocks,
For the days ahead,
That will give you strength,
In time of bread,
So you can find your way back,
When you are freed,
From the war torn arena,
That left you to bleed.

And each time,
Your love is tested,
The walls you built
Can survive any storm,
And with a dose of faith
Surrounded by love,
Can take hold
And find Peace in your home.
Jeanie Rose
July 8th,2010

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